“Plant Lover’s Association” monument  (Perkumpulan Pecinta Tanaman)

Plant Lover’s Monument

A well known landmark in the City of Jambi is the monument known as “Perkumpulan Pecinta Tanaman” (Association of Plant Lovers). This monument is in the center of a roundabout and people refer to it as “Monumen PPT.”

The location of this monument can be found by clicking on this link.

This monument’s purpose was to promote a national program that encouraged people to plant flowers, shrubs, trees, and anything “green” that would help with the environment. That program ended around 10-11 years ago. Today when you ask people what the monument is for, only a few of the older people who were involved in that government program will be able to tell you. Most of the people who see the monument every day are unfamiliar with its purpose.