The Home of Said (sayyid) Indrus bin Hasan Al-Jufri

Office of Tourism’s Sign in front of the home of Pangeran Wiro Kusumo.

The home of Said Indrus, also well known as Pangeran Wiro Kusumo (Kesumo), is located on the north side of the Batanghari River in the City of Jambi. Its exact location can be found by clicking this link.

The home is listed by Jambi’s Office of Tourism as a tourist site, but it’s a tourist site only as a reference for historical observation. There is nothing there specifically designed for recreation. The sign in front of the home lists the name of this site as: Rumah Batu Olak Kemang (Stone Home in Olak Kemang).

The home itself was evidently at one time very elaborately decorated with stone carvings of dragons (one of which still exists), which is very clear evidence that the home was most likely built by a wealthy Chinese family. Other evidences of the home’s Chinese origin are remnants of paintings on a couple of support posts. Two stairways which have a brick base also indicate the builder’s wealth, seeing that all area homes, even to this present date, having nothing resembling them.

Tragically, information about this home, as well as how Said Indrus came to take possession of it, is almost completely lost. Some blogs purport that Said Indrus had the home built himself, but that assumption is highly unlikely. Historical documentation gives us safe footing to speculate that Said Indrus’s home came about when he purchased it from a Chinese family or took possession of it when all Chinese vacated the city in the early to mid 1800’s. If this assumption isn’t accurate, then we are left with an inexplicable question: Why wouldn’t this Arab, who was was reported as being very obedient to his faith, build or live in a home adorned with Arabic inscriptions, and instead chose to build or live in a home which had a Buddhist or Confucius atmosphere?

*Documentation derived from numerous sources, as annotated in Sumatran Sultanate and Colonial State: Jambi and the Rise of Dutch Imperialism, 1830-1907.

Below is a video we made of Rumah Batu Olak Kemang, the home owned by Pangeran Wiro Kusumo.