Gedong II Temple

Candi Muaro Jambi   (Temples in Muaro Jambi)

Northeast from the City of Jambi, approximately 33 minutes from the Makalam Bridge (14 miles), there is a 7.5 mile length of area along the edge of the Batanghari River that is strewn with ancient Buddhist temples, mounds, and many other items of archeological interest. Though some documents say there are 82 temples in this area, only 6 are frequently visited. Many are waiting to be excavated and reconstructed.

The temples are said to have been built at various times between the 7th and 14th centuries (Wikipedia says the 11th – 17th centuries). Since there is so little documentation, and much oral transmission of information over the years, researchers need to be aware that a tremendous amount of speculation goes into what is now recorded.

Here is a video we made of the area:


The satellite location of the temples can be found with the following links:

Kedaton Temple

Gedong Temples I & II  (mansion temple)

Gumpung Temple

Tinggi Temple (tall temple)

Tinggi Temple I

Kembar Batu Temple (twin stone temple)

Astano Temple (possibly means palace temple)

Kolam Telago Rajo (King’s Swimming Pond)