Handicraft and Souvenir Stores

Siti Hajir: This is the business where we buy all our batik products. They make the batik in their home and also market it themselves. We know this family personally and have found their products to be second to none–and the price is wholesale!

Wood carved chairs, table, and other objects at the Village of Pulau Betung.

Gallery Batik Jambi: This location makes Batik at their home and sells it wholesale. The owner of the business, Ibu Dawi is also an outstanding seamstress. We know this family personally and they are the ones that meet all our tailoring needs. The location of Gallery Batik Jambi is about 1 kilometer north of Desa Niaso and 3 kilometers east of Desa Bakung.

Jambi Handicraft Centre: This store has many handicrafts that are uniquely Jambi, like Batik, wood carvings, stone carvings, baskets, etc.

Jakoz: This store has lot’s of T-shirts and an assortment of other small souvenirs that are unique to Jambi.

Temphoyac: As the store immediately above, it has lots of T-shirts and miscellaneous souvenir items that are unique to Jambi. This store also has a shop at the airport. It can be accessed after you check-in for a flight and go through security.

Rengke-Rengke: This store sells objects that have been handmade by the Anak Dalam ethnic group.

Sanggar Batik & Kerajinan PKK Provinsi Jambi:  This store is an outlet for songket, batik, and many other types of handicrafts made from wood, stone, and bamboo.

Balai Kerajinan Rakyat Selaras Pinang Masak: This store has many handicrafts that are uniquely Jambi, like batik, wood carvings, coffee, tea, baskets, etc. There are also tools that can be purchased here for the production of Batik.

Fish carving from the Village of Pulau Betung.

Pusat Kerajinan Ukiran Kayu: Located west of the City of Jambi in the Village of Pulau Betung. It’s 18 Km (11 miles) west of Rimba (Rimbo) intersection. There are a few homes along the road through this village that has wood carving shops. From large wood blocks they carve tables, chairs, stools, as well as a few smaller objects, like fish, and ash trays.

Traditional Outdoor Markets

Traditional Table Market (Pasar Meja)

Traditional Ceramic Market (Pasar Keramik)

Table market on the north side of the monument “Tugu Juang.”

Traditional Fruit Market (Pasar Buah)

Traditional Fruit Market-2 (Pasar Buah)

Traditional Food Market (Pasar Baru)

Traditional Food Market (Angso Duo)

Home Improvement

Mitra Bangunan: This is a large hardware / home improvement store that has many types of tools, household construction and improvement needs. There are few stores in Jambi that is stocked like this. There are many small specialty shops around town, but this one is a one-stop-shopping location for construction needs.

Modern Shopping Centers / Mall


Trona (Jambi Prima Mall)

Jambi Town Square (Jamtos)

Gramadia Book / Office Supply Store

Kapuk Mall


Mitra Swalayan

Abadi Swalayan



Pasar Mama

Stores at the Wiltop Trade Center (WTC)

Hypermart WTC Mall