Kampoeng Radja

Entrance to Kampoeng Radja

Kampoeng Radja is the old spelling of “Kampung Raja.” It’s meaning would be something like The King’s Village.  Kampoeng Radja is a family amusement park on the west side of the City of Jambi. It is quite possibly the best maintained park in the city. The relative absence of litter, which is a common sight at most parks, was not seen. That in itself made the visit extremely enjoyable!

There aren’t any large roller-coasters or death-defying free falls, just a nice park with a pool, climbing area with a zip-line, which in Indonesia is commonly called a “Flying Fox.” There are also a few other miscellaneous rides, like a train, paddle boats, wide picnic area, etc.

The location of Kampoeng Radja can be found by clicking this link.

Below is a video we made of Kampoeng Radja.