License Plates

An original license plate. The “BH” is the indicator that the vehicle is from the City of Jambi.

A common practice in Indonesia is buying a different license plate with a unique font, or one that has a little better quality paint job. There are many little shops along the roads specifically for this purpose. The area in Jambi where there are possibly over 30 of these stalls, all in one location, can be found with this link.

The above plate has finger prints on the lower left and right side of the plate.

Style and Appearance

The reason these small roadside shops have sprung up is because people want a better looking license plate, especially if they are really concerned about the appearance of their motorcycle or car. Many of the government produced plates have paint smears or finger prints on them. Some people want to take their license plate to the next level and add unique fonts. The government has permitted the small shops to do this, but the numbers and letters must match what is on the registration form for that particular vehicle.

Official police stamp on the bottom left side of the plate.

          SAMSAT: If you want to buy an official plate with a unique font or lettering, the location to do this is the same office you can get a regular one, at the SAMSAT office. (Sistem Administrasi Manunggal di bawah Satu Atap)  In English:Administration System United under One Roof

The Cost for New Plates

Road Side Stall Selling Plates

  • For just a new plate, because your current one has been destroyed, but the numbers and letters are to remain the same, the cost is:
  • Motorcycle–Rp50.000 ($5.50 US)

    Government Plate

  • Car–Rp75.000 ($8.00 US)

If you want a different number or letters, the cost is as follows:

  • Motorcycle–Rp500.000 ($55.00)
  • Car with a 4 digit number–Rp2.500.000 ($270.00)
  • Car with a 3 digit number–Rp5.000.000 (($530.00)
  • Car with a 2 digit number–RpRp7.500.000 ($780.00)

The roadside shops can make you a new plate for around Rp25,000 – 45.000 ($2.70-$4.80)

Temporary Plate

Variations in Colors

    • White on black: The most common type of license plate, this is for private vehicles.
    • Red on white: Vehicles that have not been registered yet, or for new cars that have no owners yet.
    • Black on yellow: Public transportation vehicles, such as buses, taxis, angkots, and trucks.
    • White on red: Government vehicles.
    • Gold on green and red: military vehicles.

Military License Plate