Very Old Wood Head Stone

Behind the birthing clinic, PUSKESMAS Putri Ayu, and to the west of the water tower known as the Dutch Benteng (fort), there are a couple of graves, which nobody knows who or what is buried there. Since this area of the City of Jambi is said to have been the location of a palace for the sultan, there’s a tremendous amount of historical value to everything located in this area. While searching for the grave of Putri Ayu, we came upon these two unmarked graves.

I took some time to interview people in the surrounding neighborhood, as well as nurses in the clinic about who was buried there, but they didn’t know. Being unrelenting in satisfying my curiosity, I continued questioning the caretaker of the clinic, as well as the workers at the Jambi War Museum just across the street. I still came up with no clear answer.

Almost giving up hope for any additional information, I laid my questions aside. Then while interviewing a man about the Dutch Benteng (water tower), he seemed quite knowledgeable about the area, so I asked him about the graves. This gentleman told me that it was only pets of some notable figure from a long time ago that was buried there. Maybe a pet of a sultan or one of their wives.

It’s possible for these graves to be that of pets, because one of the most notable historical figures in Jambi (Orang Kayo Hitam) has his pet cat buried close to him.

Tragically much of Jambi’s history has either been lost, having been destroyed by the Dutch and Japanese when they pulled out of Jambi, or it was never documented in the first place.

Below is a video we made of these graves.