BILLBOARD: “Hardness will destroy the mental health of children.”

Jambi’s war on domestic violence is led by an organization known as Pusat Pelayanan Terpadu Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Anak (P2TP2A).     Translated:  “Integrated Service Center for Empowering Women and Children.”

As you drive around the City of Jambi you will notice many billboards giving warnings about domestic violence. The signs all refer to this type of violence as KDRTKekerasan Dalam Rumah Tangga.   Literally: hardness in a household.

Kekerasan Dalam Rumah Tangga (“Stop Domestic Violence”)

P2TP2A works together with various organizations, as well as the local government and police, to bring an end to domestic violence. Besides domestic violence, there are also several other activities in which they are involved; 1) education; 2) economics; 3) law advocate; 4) medical service; 5) disabled persons; 6) elderly women; 7) counseling; and 8) mentoring. This organization is also involved with efforts to bring an end to human trafficking.

BILLBOARD: “Study Islam and Learn the Rights of Women”

BILLBOARD: “He often does this if I ask him where he’s been, who he’s been with, and what he has been doing.”