Taman Simpang Pulai (Pulai Park Intersection), with the “Urban Mild” cigarette billboard in the background.

Taman Simpang Pulai (Pulai Park Intersection)

There is a small park located at a very busy intersection in the City of Jambi, which carries the name: Taman Simpang Pulai. During the 1970’s this park was a gas station. It’s location can be found by clicking this link.

  • “Taman” means park.
  • “Simpang” means intersection.
  • “Pulai” is a kind of tree whose bark is medicinal and with cork like wood.

This park stands out because there is a large elephant in the center of it. The elephant was moved there from Polda (Police of the Area) some years ago. Previously this park had two large signs on either side of the elephant that promoted the Padang Cement Company. Those particular signs can still be seen in our below video.  It’s our assumption that the cement company’s contract for advertisement ran out and their signs have since been covered up. There has recently been the construction of a 60 foot “Urban Mild” cigarette billboard, which we believe gave money for the face lift of the park.

Community building sign, partially blocked by the cigarette billboard.

One down side of the Taman Simpang Pulai’s face-lift is the construction of the cigarette billboard that was recently constructed there. This huge advertisement blocks out the positive community development sign behind the park. The sign says “JAMBI KOTA BERADAT,” which means:

The City of Jambi is:



Dan–and    (the Indonesian word for “and” is dan)


With the cigarette billboard in front of the positive community development sign, the message, which otherwise could have tremendous value in community building, is hidden.

Another sign (green sign in the above picture) on the billboard, about 20′ up says: “JAMBI KOTA BERNAS.” That means:

The City of Jambi is:


Ekonomi maju–economical progress



Adil Sejehtera–equitable prosperity

Indonesia has few if any regulations when it comes to advertising. Many government promotional signs are paid in full or in part by advertisers. So with the government’s promotion of something, it’s highly likely that you will see advertisers connected to them.

Many cities in the world place regulations on advertisements because large billboards and banners distracts from the beauty of a city. One example of this is a water tower in Jambi. For several years one of Jambi’s water towers was a dingy white color. Not long ago it was painted, and it looked great… adding tremendous value to the neighborhood. But, after a short time, the advertisements went up all over it.

Recently painted water tower in the City of Jambi.

We are not saying these things to be critical. It’s quite possible the government didn’t have the money to paint the tower, but with several advertisers, they were able to make it happen. Even with the advertisements, the tower looks a lot better than it did.

Below is a video we made of Taman Simpang Pulai.