Taman Ria Semagi

Sign in the City of Muara Bungo, giving directions to Taman Ria Semagi.

On the west side of the city of Muara Bungo there is a fascinating waterfall which has been developed into a park. The river feeds the local village with water from the nearby mountains. The park was very nicely developed, and you can enjoy the natural view, take leisurely hikes along the river and up into the hills, all while enjoying the roar of the waterfall. The river has several foot bridges built over the waterfalls which creates an ideal place for taking pictures. Click here for the location of Taman Ria Semagi.

The drive to this park is interesting, as you will encounter traditional Indonesian life, with cows, sheep, and goats frequently blocking the road. There are also many traditional homes (rumah panggung) built up on stilts. Also along the 37 kilometers from the City of Muara Bungo to the park (approximately 55 minute drive), there are frequent speed bumps, which the local population refers to as polisi tidur, or polisi malas (sleeping policeman, or lazy policeman). The road to the park is in surprisingly good condition (30 March 2012), though is it just wide enough for two cars to pass.

R. & P. at Taman Ria Semagi, on March 30, 2012, during a very enjoyable tourist trip around the Jambi Province.

If you are at the park area in the late afternoon you will observe the local population bathing in canals which were built to bring the water into the village. The canals are also used for the washing of laundry, as well as motorcycles.

There is no sign at the entrance to the park, so it is easy to bypass it… like what we did.  If you find the market in “Tanah Tumbuh,” traveling from Muara Bungo to the west, the entrance to the park will be just a little further with the park entrance on your left.

The Cost for Entry Into the Park:

Rp.10,000 Parking for a Car   (a little over $1 USD)

Rp.10,000 Per Person

Below is a video we made of Taman Ria Semagi