Tugu Pers (Press Monument)

The park now: Tugu Pers (Press Monument)

From July 2011 till February 2012, “Taman PKK Murni” underwent a major transformation. The transformation included, not merely a face lift, but an entire change of the park’s purpose.

Previously the park was used by PKK to promote safe driving habits. With the transformation, it’s now used as a monument to a free press, as well as working towards enhancing the professionalism of the press corps.

The location of this monument can be found by clicking this link.

Picture of the park before the transformation (Taman PKK Murni).

Picture of the park before the transformation (Taman PKK Murni).

The nation of Indonesia has a day on which they celebrate their freedom of speech. It’s called Hari Pers Nasional (National Press Day). It was celebrated on 9 February 2012.

Behind the monument is a glass display case, which was designed to encase the daily news. The governor of Jambi, when inaugurating the monument, hoped that the press corp would faithfully and responsibly update the news each day so that the news would be available to all.

Statue of a policewoman at the former park (Taman PKK Murni).