Rumah Sakit  (hospital, or literal translation: sick house)

The Entrance to Siloam Hospital

Speaking with a number of people about the quality of hospitals in Jambi, the general consensus is that the newest one, Siloam Hospital, is the most complete as it pertains to equipment. Siloam Hospital is also believed to be one of the best because it is a branch of the well-known Siloam Hospital in Jakarta, which has six other branch hospitals in other Indonesian cities.

Two other hospitals that are believed to be of higher quality are the following:

  1. Rumah Sakit Santa Theresia (Catholic), and

    Dr. Bratanata Hospital (DKT–military hospital)

  2. Rumah Sakit Tentera / DKT / Dr. Bratanata Unang (military)

The oldest hospital is said to be Rumah Sakit Umum Raden Mattaher.

List of Jambi Hospitals