Unnamed Park

In the City of Jambi

In the City of Jambi there is an immaculate park located on the west side the Makalam Bridge. It is a small park but it has some interesting mosaics that reflects the legendary origin of Jambi. We were told that before this location was a park, it was filled with a lot of small shops (warungs), as well as a location for selling souvenirs. The stores were forced to close in 2002 when the roads were expanded and construction on the Makalam Bridge was started. With the increased traffic in that area, the parking for the stores was creating a road hazard, as well as blocking traffic.

We asked numerous people about the name of that park, as well as government offices assigned the task of maintaining them, but no name was ever given to it. All of the other parks we have seen had a sign on them showing the name of the park. This park had none.

The actual location of this park can be seen from a satellite photo by clicking on this link.