Building Trades

Wood used in the support of construction projects.

One challenge Indonesians face is finding skilled labor, like bricklayers, electricians, carpenters, painters, plumbers, etc., etc. Most Indonesians don’t have the opportunity for vocational schools like what are frequently available in some other nations.

This is a wider view of the building in the above picture, which shows the level of floors it has.
Wood poles are a common sight at construction sites. Scaffolding, even for very large buildings, are usually bamboo or wood poles.

The US has vocational schools in almost every region of every state. High School students have the opportunity to study a wide assortment of trades and occupations for as long as 2 years before they graduate. Indonesia, as a country which has a developing economy, is still moving in the direction of developing vocational schools.

Homeowners in Indonesia desire quality workmanship, but to find somebody with the training to do a good job is hard to find. For the foreigner who lives in Indonesia, and who has always seen and experienced high quality workmanship, they have to be understanding and not become critical of the work that is accomplished.

Even with low quality construction materials and few tools necessary for jobs, Indonesians are able to accomplish phenomenal tasks. It’s enjoyable to learn from Indonesians as they employ their creativity and innovation to overcome their challenges.