This is the main military base in the City of Jambi. The two cannons are located in the yard behind the flag pole.

A number of months ago we visited the home of the Komandant (commander) of the local military detachment here in Jambi (we didn’t enter the home, just the yard). We stopped for the visit because we saw there were two cannons in the front yard and we were very curious about their history.

After the military guards gave us permission to enter the yard, we made a short video of the cannons and tried to collect information about their manufacture date and other information about them, but were unsuccessful. From the stamps on the guns we did find a date of 1848, indicating they were probably manufactured by the Dutch and were used during their occupation of Jambi.

The two cannons at this time are located in the yard of this military base in the City of Jambi.

Recently while passing by the Komandant’s home we noticed the cannons were missing. We stopped and asked the military guards about their location and they told us they were moved to the main headquarters around April 2012.

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Below is the video we made of the cannons when they were at their earlier position, in front of the Komandant’s home.