Large Clock Tower in the City of Jambi

(Menara Jam Besar Kota Jambi. “Jam Besak”)

Large Clock Tower
Menara Jam Besar Kota Jambi (Jam Besak)

The City of Jambi is currently constructing a large clock tower on the north side of the Batanghari River (Sebarang Kota Jambi — “Sekoja”).

The tower is expected to become a landmark for the city, seeing that a museum will be on the ground floor of the tower. The second phase of this project will be a hanging footbridge that will extend from the tower, and over across the river to Tanggo Rajo, also known as Ancol.

Since Indonesians have a fascination with bridges, and often use bridges as community social centers, this area of the city will be extremely congested on Friday – Sunday nights.

Construction on the clock tower was started on June 17, 2012. It’s projected to be completed by December 27, 2012. The contractor, P.T. Sinar Cerah Sempurna, said they are on schedule and foresee no difficulty in completing the tower by the end of December.  The contractor said the second stage, which is the footbridge, will commence after they receive a contract from the government of Jambi.

The cost for the clock will be around Rp13.000.000.000 (13 miliyar  /  $1,355,720 USD).

The below video shows what the bridge and tower is expected to look like upon completion.