Dock for Pasar Angso Duo

(Two Geese Traditional Market)

This dock is located on the west side of Pasar Angso Duo, along the bank of the Batanghari River. This view is from the east, looking west.

On the south side of the Batanghari River, in the City of Jambi, there’s a relatively new dock that we saw sitting idle (click here for its location). Being curious about that dock, since it looks like it was constructed very well, we began to ask about its purpose. Below is the information we obtained:

  • The dock doesn’t have a name.
  • The dock was built in preparation for moving the traditional market “Pasar Angso Duo” to the west about 200 yards.
  • You can read more about the challenges the City of Jambi is facing with the traditional market with this link.
  • Since there are no immediate plans to move the traditional market, the dock sits idle.
  • Because the drafts on the larger ships / boats are so deep, the boats bringing products to the city are anchored close to the middle of the river and then unloaded and brought to shore by smaller boats.
  • This dock would only be useful during the peak of the rainy season, when the river’s water level is high.
  • From the looks of the mooring bollards, there has never been a ship tied up to this dock, though we could be wrong.

The dock, looking north.

This view is from the north bank of the Batanghari River, looking towards the south. The pasar (traditional market) is on the left. The dock is on the right.