National Youth Pledge Day

C., with some of the staff at SMK N 2.
(State Vocational High School No. 2)

On Monday, October 29th we had the honor of visiting State Vocational High School No. 2 (SMK N 2–Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negeri 2) and observed their remembrance/ celebration of Sumpah Pemuda (National Youth Pledge Day). This remembrance is held on the 28th of October each year (this year it was held on the 29th since the 28th was a Sunday).

One of the performers of an impressive dramatic presentation.

At the school all students and staff were assembled in front of the school. The principle gave a formal address, prayers were made, a few songs were sung, a marching band performed, and then a very dramatic performance was put on by about 15 students. The drama was their effort to ingrain in all assembled, the values of integrity, unity, and oneness as a nation. The performance was in the form of a drama that lasted no less than 30 minutes. It was quite powerful and impressionable!

Performers in the excellently conducted drama presentation.

Students assembled to watch the Sumpah Pemuda performance.

National Youth Pledge Day

Sumpah Pemuda (youth oath) began as a movement in 1926 when a convention was held in Jakarta by the youth of the then Dutch East Indies. During the convention there were discussions about the state of the various peoples scattered about the Dutch East Indies.

Assembled students watching the Sumpah Pemuda performance.

The youth held another convention in Jakarta on 8 October 1928. During this assembly they made an oath which contained three ideals:

  1. One Motherland
  2. One Nation
  3. One Language

This second assembly opened the door for the possibility for an independent Indonesia, though at that time it was only a discussion. Independence finally came to Indonesia 17 years later, on August 17, 1945.


Below are signs at the school which show the courses that are offered, both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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