Crossing the Batanghari River

Batanghari River
This picture was taken from the north shore in the City of Jambi.
The far side of the river is the WTC Mall.
The far upper left is Ancol, from where you can ferry your motorcycle across.

You can get across the Batanghari River in the City of Jambi in less than 5 minutes with a ketek (boat). The location for doing this is Ancol, also known as Tanggo Rajo.

The other option on how to get across is to drive your car or motorcycle  to the far east or west ends of the city and cross on the bridges at those locations. It will take you at least 35 minutes to go around using the bridges. To take your motorcycle across using a boat, the cost will be a little over $1.00 USD (Rp10.000). To travel across yourself, without a motorcycle, the cost is $0.20 (Rp2,000).

There’s no insurance if your bike falls in, or the boat sinks.   : ^ )

Below is a Video of Us Taking Our Motorcycle Across.