National Teacher’s Day in Indonesia

C. & P. with Sekapur Sirih Dancers at the National Teacher’s Day (Hari Guru Nasional)

(Hari Guru Nasional)

On Tuesday, November 27th we attended the National Teacher’s Day ceremony in the village of Mudung Darat. The ceremony was conducted at the National High School #6 (SMA N 6). The ceremony consisted of prayers, greetings and speeches by dignitaries, singing, music, and traditional dances.

We made the below video of the event.

National Teacher’s Day is celebrated in Indonesia on the 25th of November each year. It is not an official holiday and schools are still open on this days.

Traditional Dancers

Brief history of The United Teachers of the Republic of Indonesia

Originally this organization was started in 1912 with the name Persatuan Guru Hindia Belanda (PGHB). In 1932 it changed its name to Persatuan Guru Indonesia (PGI). One-hundred days after Indonesia’s proclamation of Independence the organization transitioned and became Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia (PGRI).    Source

Traditional Dancers

Vision and Mission

Vision of PGRI

This is an independent organization made up of beloved members and well-respected partners. PGRI’s rold in society is to maintain the nations independence by creating educational programs for the citizens. It also serves to fight for the welfare for the teachers.

Mission of PGRI

Embodies the Ideals of the Proclamation of Independence

  • PGRI, with other national organizations, work together to maintain and ensure the nations position as being independent.

Nation Building and Development by Advancing National Education

  • PGRI, with other national organizations, works towards enhancing national education.

Increases Teacher Professionalism

  • PGRI diligently works for the development of professional teachers so that high levels of education, as well as better living standards can be achieved.

Improve the Welfare of Teachers

  • For the enhancement of teacher’s professionalism, they should be rewarded well for their service as well as have a feeling of security as they carry out their duties. Teachers must be prosperous, professional, and protected.