Bioskop (theater) di Jambi

Duta Hotel
Formerly the Duta Movie Theater

The City of Jambi has gone through many changes as it pertains to movie theaters. Prior to this current age people would go to theaters in their respective areas of the city. Now with most all people having access to transportation, they will travel the short distance to the newest and most modern of theaters, leaving the neighborhood theaters unused and vacant. Another reason why the many theaters closed down is because people can now buy $0.80 (USD) New Releases on DVD.






Former Bioskop Murni.
It is now a furniture store.

Below is a list of 10 locations where movies are or were at one time shown.

  • Bioskop Murni: Now a furniture store. Some make the claim that this theater has historical significance, because from June 14-18, 1955, the leaders of the region convened in it to set the area up as an autonomous region in Indonesia. The name of the congress was: Badan Kongres Rakyat Djambi (BKRD)—The Jambi People’s Congress. Others say there’s nothing really special about this movie theater, and that any of the theaters in Jambi would have been suitable in which to conduct the meetings.
  • Bioskop Sitimang: This building sits vacant, with the road in front of it being filled with vendors of Pasar Baru (traditional market).  “Sitimang” was the name given to the gong in the legend of Orang Kayo Hitam.
  • Bioskop Telanai 21: This building was tore down and currently a hotel is being constructed at the site.
  • Bioskop Duta: This theater was renovated and is now Duta Hotel (Ambassador Hotel).
  • Bioskop Mega: This building has been renovated and is now a Rumah Toko “ruko” (Rumah = house, and Toko = store. The store owners live on the second floor and work in their shop during the day).
  • Bioskop Presiden: Like Bioskop Mega, this building was also renovated and has become a “ruko.” Remnants of old promotional banners are still visible.

Two Theaters Still in Use

The Sumatra 21 Movie Theater
(still in operation)

  • Bioskop WTC 21: This is located on the fourth floor of the Wiltop Trade Center Mall. It is the newest of the theaters.

Newly finished building at Taman Budaya
(cultural park).

Cultural Center

  • Taman Budaya is not a movie theater, but it does occasionally put on art festivals wherein artists from around Jambi come and display their artistic skills (dances, music, painting, singing, handicrafts, etc.)