Pemancingan Telaga Jati

(Competition Fishing Business Named: Telaga Jati)


On the east side of the City of Jambi there is a pool that has been specifically designed to become a fishing business. The owner of the business is Drs. H. Haris Fadila, and he started this fishing business in Nov. of 2002. The location of this business is Jl. Pattimura RT 15; Kecamatan Kota Baru. Click here for its location on a map.

Drawing number for where fishermen will be positioned along the pool.

Drawing numbers for where fishermen will be positioned along the pool.

It’s difficult to find this location, with there being an absence of signs along the main road. To get there, first find the Rumah Sakit Jiwa (mental hospital). Then on the opposite side of the road there is small street (lorong/gang) that you will take to the south about 5/10 of a kilometer. Pemancingan Telaga Jati will be on the left side of this road.


  • Pemancingan—location for fishing
  • Telaga—pond / lake
  • Jatiteak tree.

The business is open Wednesday through Sunday each week, being closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the days it’s open the times for fishing is from 2-5:40 pm each day.


Assortment of bait used by every fisherman.

Assortment of bait used by every fisherman.

  • Wed.-Thurs.—Rp50.000 ($5.17 USD)
  • Friday—Rp75.000 ($7.76 USD)
  • Sat.-Sun.—Rp100.000 ($10.35 USD)


  • 2.5 meters (8.2 feet)



Other pools have different ways of conducting their competitions. Pemancingan R & R will release 1 kilogram of fish from their stock into the pool for each fisherman who arrives. This ensures an ample supply of fish to be caught. The fishermen are then permitted to take their fish home with them. Telaga Jati doesn’t do this, all fish must be released back into the pool after the competition is over.

Three hooks are used on each line. The hooks are wrapped with a gummy concoction, then fish pellets is squeezed into it.

Three hooks are used on each line. The hooks are wrapped with a gummy concoction, then fish pellets is squeezed into it to make it more inviting.

Telaga Jati’s competition is based on the largest fish caught—with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize given away, each based on the heaviest fish caught.

There are also two other methods whereby a person can win, and the first is by having a combined weight of fish caught exceeding the combined weight of fish caught by other fishermen. The second is by catching “Ikan Merah” (Red Fish) which is a large 3.8 kilogram carp (8.4 LB). Whoever catches that particular fish wins the jackpot, which was at Rp4.387.000 ($454.42 USD) on the day we were there. If nobody catches “Ikan Merah,” money will be added to the jackpot based on the number of people fishing on a given day. Some places will call this particular fish the “Ikan Maskot,” or Mascot Fish.

Baited Hooks

Baited Hooks


As the customers arrive they put down their names to enter the lottery to determine who will get which location along the pool (this fishing pool is divided into 52 lanes for fishing (lapak). Each enrolled person is assigned a number, and the organizer of the day’s competition places that many numbered ping-pong balls into a large container. The container is then shaken and beginning with the first person who enrolled, till the last, all people are assigned to their respective fishing lanes.

At exactly 2:00 pm, a signal is given and all the men will throw their lines into their respective lanes. They are allowed two poles to each lane. We’ve seen women at other pemancingan, but on the day we were at Telaga Jati there were no women fishing.


The fishermen must keep their lines in the fishing lane assigned to them.

To catch fish the hooks need to be in the water, and to ensure the maximum amount of time the hooks are in the water, the fishermen use quickly detachable hooks, with 2-3 sets of hooks sitting to the side to be quickly changed when their line is brought in. Each line had three hooks on the end. The fishing was conducted by a two man team. Usually a son or young boy would prepare the hooks with bait and an older man would do the actual fishing. If a fish was caught or the line was brought in to change the bait, the boy would quickly change out the hooks so the man could get the line back into the water.


The bait all the fishermen were using was a gooey colored concoction made from flour and sago. That mixture was initially wrapped around the hook, and then fish pellets were squeezed into it. After that a large clump of moist bait was squeezed onto the line above the hooks.IMG_2589.1


If you want to fish at Telaga Jati you need to bring your own equipment, as they don’t have any available to rent.


Below is a Video We Made of Pemancingan Telaga Jati

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