Passion FruitKnown as "markisa" in Indonesia

Passion Fruit
Known as “markisa” in Indonesia.

Famous Indonesian Fruit

Passion Fruit is very popular in Indonesia where it’s referred to as markisa.

The sight of the fruit sitting in the market place isn’t appealing, since most of the fruits are discolored, but once you break it open and taste the contents you quickly learn that the discolored exterior has no influence on the taste of the fruit.

When we opened markisa for the first time and saw the contents, we were a little hesitant to go any further because the inside was merely a large clump of seeds surrounded by a mucusy fluid. Being brave and adventurous, we did try the fruit and found that there was nothing to be fearful of. The fruit is quite sweet and very enjoyable.

Markisa(Passion Fruit)

(Passion Fruit)

How to Eat Markisa

To eat markisa you merely insert your thumbs into the soft delicate exterior and pull it apart. Having done that you can suck the contents out with your mouth. The seeds are easily chewed (leaving no bitter aftertaste) and can be swallowed. If you are a more familiar with eating in a more dignified manner, you can cut the markisa in half and spoon the contents into a bowl prior to eating, or just use a spoon and eat out of the markisa shell.

Origin of the Name “Passion Fruit”

The word “Passion Fruit” comes from a comparison of the fruit’s flower to the torture (the Passion) of Christ prior to his crucifixion. More about that and other information about markisa can be read by clicking this link.

Below is a Video We Made of Opening and Eating a Markisa.