Sate Ayam

(Chicken Shis Kabob)

Sate Ayam with Lontong
(As Served at the Jambi Restaurant, Dine & Chat)

Sate Ayam is a famous Indonesian dish (Indonesian Cuisine) that simply has roasted chicken on skewers (shish kabob) and is frequently served with lontong (compressed rice served in bite-sized pieces).

This famous dish almost always includes peanut sauce (sate sauce) which is deliciously spiced up with hot chilies. The lontong is usually served cold, so if you want hot rice, you can order nasi putih (hot white rice) in its place.

Sate Ayam with Nasi Putih(white rice)

Sate Ayam with Nasi Putih
(white rice)

At one Jambi restaurant we frequent (Dine & Chat), this dish is also served with a few sliced vegetables:

• carrots

• cucumbers

• onions

• peppers

• ½ slice of lemon (which can be squeezed over the chicken).