Ancient Hindu Temple

(Candi Pematang Jering)

Ruins of An Ancient Temple(Candi Pematang Jering)

Ruins of An Ancient Temple
(Candi Pematang Jering)

Jambi was at one time the center for the powerful Srivijaya Hindu/Buddhist Kingdom (7th – 13th centuries). That kingdom eventually lost its power and eventually (1600s) was overtaken by the Islamic Sultanate.

One remnant of the Srivijaya Kingdom is the ruins of a temple (candi) called Candi Pematang Jering. This temple is located about 10 kilometers to the west of the City of Jambi. To see Candi Pematang Jering, begin at the intersection called Simpang Rimbo and travel west 6.2 kilometers till you reach the intersection called Simpang Duren. At that intersection turn right and continue north through the Village of Siaga (Desa Siaga). The temple will be just a short distance further on your right. Click here to see the temple’s location on Wikimapia.


The sign in front of the temple.

This is a surprisingly well kept location, seeing that there are probably very few visitors. With it being in an out-of-the-way location, there are no other attractions or food stands that sell refreshments or memorabilia. The temple itself is totally without form and is merely a pile of bricks.

The government office that preserves historical sites (BPPP) indicates that mounds like this are scattered throughout the Jambi Province, most of them in difficult to reach locations. The most prominent grouping of ancient Hindu / Buddhist temples can be found by reading our blog about the site: Candi Muaro Jambi. Candi Muaro Jambi is probably the most famous attraction in the Jambi Province.