Sacred Graves

(Makam Keramat)

The Sacred Grave of Panglima Hitam (wife)

The Sacred Grave of Panglima Hitam
(The wife of Panglima Kuning.)

There are two sacred graves in the Village of Kubu Kandang which the local people say have provided great blessings to the people that pray there. The information we received about these two graves came from Pak (Mr.) Turamli (83 yrs), whose home is the closest to the graves.

Pak Turamli said that people pray for every type of imaginable blessing at those graves. People frequently come to these graves, and after prayer, release a chicken (ayam lepas) as an offering to the spirit of the deceased. Pak Turamli told us that eventually he and his family will eat that chicken.

Sacred Grave of Panglima Kuning (husband)

Sacred Grave of Panglima Kuning
(The husband of Panglima Hitam.)

Previously these graves were said to be haunted (angker) and lots of people in the area were frequently sick with severe diseases, like malaria. After the spirit of the persons buried there were given more honor, the malaria stopped and now the people in the area feel safe and they are a lot healthier.

Pak Turamli nor none of the people in the village knew what year the people buried there died, nor do they know their real names. They just say that the larger grave was that of Panglima Kuning, and they say that the smaller grave along the road belongs to his wife, who they refer to as Panglima Hitam.

How to Find the Graves

A piece of petrified wood is located in the grave of Panglima Hitam. It's doubtful that that wood was new when she was buried.

A piece of petrified wood is located in the grave of Panglima Hitam. It’s doubtful that this piece of wood was new when she was buried there.

To locate the graves of Panglima Kuning and his wife, travel west out of the City of Jambi toward the City of Muara Bulian. When you arrive at the intersection called Simpang Kubu Kandang, turn right and continue 9 kilometers. At this location you will find a “Y” in the road. This location is in the village of Desa Kubu Kandang.

At that “Y” turn left and travel .8 kilometer. On your right you will see the grave of the woman they call Panglima Hitam. That grave is less than 2 feet off the right (north) side of the road. Directly to the south of that grave, about 100 feet away, is the second grave, that of Panglima Kuning.


The definitions to the names of the people buried in these graves don’t make sense, but this was all the information we had available to us.

  • Panglima—commander / troop leader
  • Kuning—yellow
  • Hitam—black