This is our translation of a legend from the Jambi Province.

The Magic Stone

From the Village of Kedotan

Cannon Named

Cannon Named “Raden Panjang”
Located at the front of the yard of elementary school #119 (SD N 119).
The magic stone was said to be taken from this cannon.

The Village of Kedotan has a number of interesting legends that outsiders find interesting. One such story is that of the stone that was found in the cannon called “Raden Panjang.”

This story is quite recent, having said to have taken place in 1994. The story was rehearsed to us by a group of teachers from the National Elementary School #119 (SD N 119). The teachers and others in the village very adamantly believe this story to be true.

The story went like this:

C. standing in front of the cannon, along with staff and students at Elementary School #119

C. standing in front of the cannon, along with staff and students at Elementary School #119

In the year 1994 a teenage boy was sound asleep and had a dream about the cannon that was located in the front yard of the elementary school (SD N 119).

During his dream he heard the cannon speak to him and tell him it’s name, which was “Raden Panjang.” Previously the cannon wasn’t named, and no one even considered the need to name it. In the dream the cannon proceeded to tell the young man that inside the cannon was a magic stone. The cannon told him that if the stone was taken out and held in the hand, or placed in his pocket, it would make him or whoever held it invisible.

The next morning after the young man awoke, he went to the cannon to see if the dream was really that cannon speaking to him or not. Kneeling in front of the cannon he reached into the cannon’s mouth, and there he found a stone in it. When he held the stone in his hand, just like the cannon told him in his dream, he became invisible.

“Raden Panjang”
The Dutch cannon from the colonial era.


Since no one else could see him, that young man began to do mischievous things, like to go into people’s homes and eat their food. He also began helping himself to their property and taking it home with him. After this continued over a period of time the young man’s parents became curious about how he was obtaining the property he had, and why he wasn’t eating in their home. The young man then boastfully told them the whole story, how he had dreamed of the cannon revealing itself as “Raden Panjang.” He also told them that the cannon told him of the magic stone that would make him, or whoever held it, invisible.

The parents knew that this type of activity would only lead to increased trouble with themselves and others in their village. To stop this from going any further, they took the stone from their son, went to the bank of the Batanghari River, and threw it out as far as they could. Since that time the magic stone has never been found and things in the village returned back to normal.

Definition of “Raden Panjang”

1. Raden: title for members of the Javanese nobility.

2. Panjang: long

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