Member of the JBD Squad in Muara Bungo

Member of the JBD Squad in Muara Bungo.

JBD Squad

(Jasa Bunda Dance Squad)

During a recent visit to Muara Bungo we spent a leisurely evening at a local park named Taman Pusparagam. The park was previously a soccer field, and at that time it was called Taman Semagor. Though the park is no longer a soccer field, and the name was changed, most of the people in the city still refer to the park by its former name—Taman Semagor.

The park has four rock climbing walls, one huge inflatable attraction for children, as well as a small train. Surrounding the park are numerous food vendors which sell a wide assortment of traditional Indonesian food.

Break Dancing

The thing that most captured our attention at Taman Pusparagam was a group of young people practicing break-dancing. We noticed that there were children as young as 9 and adults as old as 30 practicing with the group.

Some of the members of the JBD Squad.

Some of the members of the JBD Squad.


We spoke with the leader of JBD Squad (Ajil—21 years old), and he gave us the following information:

On February 14, 2007, JBD Squad officially took its name. It was also on this date that they won their first competition, when they only had 6 people in their group. They are very thankful to God because their group has grown to around 60 people, and the arts they are involved with included dance styles like: 1) hip-hop; 2) popping [robotic type dance]; and 3) bboy / bgirl [break-dance]. They also are involved with graffiti art, and they design and sell shirts they make themselves. They try to always be involved with activities that will positively impact their community.

The name Jasa Bunda (mother’s service) was the name of a store which was owned by the person who started JBD Squad. The group would meet on the roof of that store every day and practiced dancing, so, they thought if they wanted to have success in the future, they must always remember the service each one of their mothers provided them as they were growing up, thus the name Jasa Bunda Dance Squad. [Indonesians strongly encourage that honor be given to mothers.]


C. standing with Ajil in front of his colorful work of art.


J.B.D. Squad practice and train people for free every afternoon and evening at Taman Pusparagam (Semagor). When we were there they started practice at 5 pm and didn’t end until 11 pm.

Below is a video we made of the JBD Squad.