Short Cut on Road Between the Cities of Jambi and Muara Bulian

A car that lost control and went up into the brush.

A car that lost control and went up into the brush.

We were informed of a “short-cut” between the cities of Jambi and Muara Bulian that would cut down the driving distance by 10 kilometers. During a recent trip to Sarolangun we had the opportunity to verify that information, and we found that the different route was only 4.2 km (2.6 miles) shorter.

The shorter route also did not have as much traffic, and it had practically no large trucks. That road, however, is much narrower (just enough room for two cars to pass) and the road repairs have left many raised patches of asphalt. The road crews rarely make the patches on the roads even with the existing road. This is common on all road repairs, and the bumps at times can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle, which we saw take place (picture above right). There are also areas where the edge of the roads have a 1 foot drop off (no shoulder).

Several months ago there was a car that lost control, after having moved over onto the shoulder of the road to make room for an oncoming ambulance. When that car attempted to come back onto the road the driver lost control and went over into the oncoming traffic, striking a motorcycle head-on, killing the three passengers on the motorcycle (husband, wife and child).

The “short cut” begins at the intersection called Simpang Duren and comes at an intersection about approximately 10 kilometers prior to the City of Muara Bulian. Click this link to find the location of the second intersection.