Can You Say “Bingung Sekali“?

(very confused)

The Joys of Language Learning

Language school can be interesting, exciting, as well as wearisome.

Can you imagine making mistakes all day long? Being corrected in every sentence you speak? Having your enunciation corrected, and never getting it 100% right? Spending hours and hours writing papers, and after being “graded,” you find that it’s full of red marks? You prepare a 5-10 minute presentation, then, while you are giving it to the other students, the instructors are sitting there writing feverishly, making notes of all your mistakes. Then, when you are done, they carefully and methodically lay out all your weaknesses, allowing the other students to learn from your mistakes, as you learn from your own.

BUT… this is all a necessary part of language learning, and everyone must go through the same ordeal.

So if you are up to the challenge… come to Indonesia and give bahasa Indonesia a try!

April 12, 2010