C., talking with some acquaintances along the Tungkal River.

The City of Kuala Tungkal

The Tungkal River empties into the sea between the Berhala Strait and the Strait of Malacca,  at the City of Kuala Tungkal. This city is on the north eastern side of the Jambi Province.

The City of Kuala Tungkal is rather small, and still undeveloped. The ground in that area is very flat and low. This creates a condition that makes drainage difficult. Due to this situation, there is a large amount of standing water around homes and businesses, which creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Some other things about the city:

  1. It has a large fishing industry that supplies other areas with fresh fish, shrimp, and other sea foods.
  2. There is a lot of boat transportation that takes place, as people and cargo are ferried between outlying islands.
  3. The city is relatively without street lights. It is a very dark city after the sun goes down.
  4. There are few cars.
  5. There are many motorcycles, bicycles, and becaks (3-wheel pedal taxis).
  6. There is a significant drinking water problem. With the land being mostly swamp, the ground water is black. The people are dependent on rain water for their drinking water source.

Below is a video we made of the city, and the pier along the river.

June 20, 2011