Domestic Animals

Chicken Dreams

In Jambi there’s a considerable amount of mysticism associated with chickens, insomuch that some even say that dreams with chickens in them have a spiritual meaning, and these dreams can be interpreted as follows:

The Lean Ayam Kampung. (Neighborhood Chicken)

The Lean Ayam Kampung
(Neighborhood Chicken)

  • If in your dream you see many chickens, it means that your life will be filled to satisfaction.
  • If you dream of chickens that are laying eggs, it means that you will soon encounter good luck.
  • If you dream of chickens flying to the top of a tree, or to a branch of a tree, it means you will soon receive money from someone.
  • If you dream of a hen locked up, it means you will obtain goodness.
  • If you dream of giving food to a chicken, it means you will obtain success and your business or activities will move forward.
  • If you dream of getting a rooster, you will soon have a child or grandchild.
  • If you dream of your chicken being stolen, it means that something sad is going to take place.
  • If you dream of raising chicks, it means that you should become nervous or worried about your economic condition at this time.
  • If you dream of chasing chickens, it means you will obtain a helper in whatever task you are working on.
  • If you dream of offering a chicken as a sacrifice, it means you will become a great person.
  • If you dream of obtaining a chicken, it means you will soon have a child or grandchild.
  • If you dream of eating chicken meat, it means you will soon get some property of value.

Ayam Kampung

(Village Chickens)

The Lean Ayam Kampung.(Neighborhood Chicken)

The Lean Ayam Kampung
(Neighborhood Chicken)

Free Roaming Chickens

Yes, there are chickens that roam around the neighborhood where we live, well within the city limits of Jambi. There are no restrictions on raising chickens this way, and people with yard space, or those who live close to small gardens, often raise chickens, geese, ducks, goats, cows, and even water buffalo, in the very same way; they roam about freely.


Raising Chickens in Jambi


328 Foot Long Chicken Coop

During a recent journey around the Jambi Province we happened upon a chicken farm close to the Village of Bajubang Darat. This farm is managed by Pak (Mr.) Abdul Rahmat and his wife Ibu (Mrs.) Wati.


Cats in Indonesia

Road kill in the country we come from is a common sight. We often see deer, raccoon, squirrels, skunks, opossum, ground hogs, dogs, and cats lying on the sides of the roads. While in Indonesia we have seen lots of dead rats on the roads, and we have seen an occasional monkey, dog, or wild pig that was killed by traffic, but we have never seen a dead cat laying on the side of the road.

Most Indonesian cats have short stubby curled tail.

A few weeks ago we saw a driver of a motorcycle run over a cat. The cat was clearly killed, and we saw the driver of that motorcycle immediately pull to the side, go back and pick the cat up and take off again.

That caused us to ask questions about what we just witnessed, and this is what we learned:


Bird Lovers

Love Bird

Indonesians are obvious bird lovers. Throughout the country it’s common to see birds perched in cages in front of people’s homes and businesses. This led us to ask questions about why there is such a fascination with birds.

We discovered that many of these birds were caught in the jungle and sold to dealers. A few of the breeds are bred in captivity. It is very common to see men pulling huge carts along roads as they sell birds door-to-door (Our video below shows the carts).