Dutch Fort and Other Buildings

The buildings in the pasar (market) are all like this--Dutch architecture.

The buildings in the pasar (market) all have
Dutch architecture.
The date of this building is posted just below the second story window (1937).

In the City of Muara Tebo

For those traveling through the City of Muara Tebo and you’d like to take a short 30 minute break, you could drive through the small city to look at the old Dutch wooden buildings which are still in use. The buildings located in the very center of the city, called the pasar, or market, are all wooden buildings of Dutch architecture from 1930 era. As you drive around you will see that people are still living in homes and barracks that were at one time used by the Dutch solders and their families.



Construction of a Mosque Dome

Dome Construction

One the north shore of the Batanghari River, in the City of Jambi, there’s a mosque that went through a renovation during the past year. The renovation included the removal of the traditional roof and the installation of a domed roof (kubah).


Common architecture design in Jambi

A unique feature about many buildings in Jambi is that the tops of the barge boards are crossed. We’ve asked many people why buildings have this feature, but there has yet to be an explanation which satisfies us. The only response we have received is: “it’s our tradition,” or, “it’s a symbol of Jambi.”