An Icon in The City of Sarolangun

Ikan Keloso (or Kelisa) This is a 15' long fish monument that is located at the entrance leading to the government offices in Sarolangun (Kantor Bupati)

Ikan Keloso (or Kelisa)
This is a 15′ long fish monument that is located at the entrance leading to the government offices in Sarolangun (Kantor Bupati)

While visiting the City of Sarolangun we had the opportunity to meet in the home of the Sekretaris Daerah (Sekda) Kabupaten Sarolangun, Bapak (Mr.) H. Thabroni Rozali. This man invited us to the Kantor Bupati (Bupati’s office) the next morning, where he introduced us to eight men who were kepala adat & ketua adat (cultural experts), as well as the heads of various government agencies.


Superior hand-made batikWHOLESALE

Superior Hand-Made Batik

This information is for those who want to buy Batik wholesale (skipping the middleman).

The below was written by Siti Hajir, the owner of the Batik production business she and her husband (Kemas Junaidi) operate from their home. We personally know Siti Hajir’s family and have visited their home many times. They’ve also visited our home on several occasions.


Jambi Batik Cloth Designs

Dress with Jambi Batik Designs

Below are 66 pictures showing many of the basic designs (motif) that are used in the manufacture of Jambi Batik. Most of these designs are directly related to the Jambi people’s culture and daily life. You can read our previous post about batik by clicking this link.

In our research for writing this article we encountered differences for the names of the various Jambi batik designs. We obtained multiple lists of designs from books and museum records, but the lists didn’t always agree. There doesn’t seem to be one authority that can say, “Yes, this batik design is called a ….”  For the most part the people and lists did agreed, but there are still about five designs we’re still uncertain about.

We are very grateful to the many people who assisted us in obtaining this information. Mr. Agus Rianto, of the Sanggar Batik & Kerajinan Store, went out of his way to help us obtain many of the below pictures. Others who assisted us were from stores listed on our post titled: “Shopping in Jambi.”


Jambi Batik

Applying hot wax to a batik design.
When the cloth is placed in a tub containing dye, the wax will prevent the dye from entering the design on the fabric.

Batik is a decorative cloth that for centuries has been worn by Sultans, their families, and other persons of nobility. The Sultan era ended in Jambi in the early 1900s, since then the cloth slowly began to be worn by everyone. Indonesians are very proud to wear batik since it displays designs which communicate a specific ethnic group’s unique culture.