Member of the JBD Squad in Muara Bungo

Member of the JBD Squad in Muara Bungo.

JBD Squad

(Jasa Bunda Dance Squad)

During a recent visit to Muara Bungo we spent a leisurely evening at a local park named Taman Pusparagam. The park was previously a soccer field, and at that time it was called Taman Semagor. Though the park is no longer a soccer field, and the name was changed, most of the people in the city still refer to the park by its former name—Taman Semagor.

The park has four rock climbing walls, one huge inflatable attraction for children, as well as a small train. Surrounding the park are numerous food vendors which sell a wide assortment of traditional Indonesian food.

Break Dancing



Dancers from the Batin ethnic group carrying baskets containing sekapur sirih.

Tari Sekapur Sirih (Sekapur Sirih Dance)

In the Jambi Province, and in many other areas of Sumatra, there is a famous dance that is used to welcome honored guests into a village or city. The name of the dance is “Sekapur Sirih.” The dance is often accompanied by Pencat Silat fighters who ceremonially cleanse the area of evil spirits prior to the guests entry. After the dance the guests are offered a betel nut wrapped in a sirih leaf, which also has several other ingredients added to the package. It is considered an honor to be given one of these nuts to chew on.