Chinese New Year  /  Year of the Snake

ch kids

Indonesia is heavily populated with Chinese Indonesians  (9 million), and with such a large number of them, the Chinese New Year is a much celebrated event.

Yesterday was the Chinese New Year, and to celebrate it we visited different Chinese families as they followed their Buddhist / Confucius, etc., traditions of welcoming guests into their homes and serving them a wide assortment of foods. While visiting, it was also a great opportunity to learn of some of their beliefs, and having made notes, we included them below.



Chinese in Indonesia

Indonesia’s 2000 census reveals 2.4 million as being ethnic Chinese. That’s a mere 1.2 % of the country’s population. It is believed that this amount could be 2-3x that reported. The under-reporting is said to have happened due to the fear of revealing their Chinese ethnicity, due to the many instances of anti-Chinese activity.