Most Famous Coffee in Jambi

250 gram (8.82 oz.) box of Kopi AAACosts Rp22.000 ($2.27 USD).

250 gram (8.82 oz.) box of Kopi AAA
Costs Rp22.000 ($2.27 USD).

Kopi Murni AAA

Visitors to Jambi will undoubtedly have the opportunity to try the locally processed coffee famously known as Kopi AAA. Although some say its official name is “Kopi Murni AAA” (triple A pure coffee), the locals merely call it “Kopi AA” (kopi ah-ah) or “Kopi Tiga A” (tiga means 3). Some may refer to it as “kopi pahit” (bitter coffee–because it is quite bitter).



Dietary Laws

Kosher / Halal

As the Jews have strict dietary laws, so do Muslims. The Jews use the word kosher for foods that are acceptable, and treif for those that are not. For Muslims, their word for acceptable foods is halal, whereas the forbidden foods are considered haraam. Clicking on the previous links will inform you of which foods are considered lawful and which are considered sinful.

Fortunately for the Coca-Cola Company, their drink is considered lawful.

Foods that are lawful for Muslims to consume will have a stamp or seal indicating so. This bottle top has the word “Halal” printed on it.

ISI ULANG (refill water jug)

Below is a video we made of our drinking water, as well as how we refill the water jugs.


Aroma Kopi Paberik

Bandung, Indonesia (pop. 7.4 mil) is famous for its “Aroma Kopi Paberik” (Aroma Coffee Factory).  The factory is really quite small with only about 15 (?) or so employees and two small roasters.  Even though it is small, it is well known in the city, and almost every main grocery store sells its packaged coffee. From its opening in the 1930’s, the factory is still producing coffee the old fashioned way… everything by hand and no artificial additives.

Below is the video we made of our tour of the factory.



The answer to that question is…. YES!, after it has been filtered.


Did you see the 2007 movie “Bucket List,” staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman?

In the “Bucket List” there was a unique coffee that Edward Cole (Nicholoson) was very fond of, and it was Kopi Luwak. It is the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world, with its cost being anywhere from $10.00-$50.00 for a cup.