Passion FruitKnown as "markisa" in Indonesia

Passion Fruit
Known as “markisa” in Indonesia.

Famous Indonesian Fruit

Passion Fruit is very popular in Indonesia where it’s referred to as markisa.



Purple Mangosteen / Manggis



Purple Mangosteen is known in Indonesia as manggis.

Sitting in the roadside markets the fruit doesn’t have an appealing exterior, but don’t let that exterior fool you. We’ve found manggis to be extremely sweet and enjoyable.


Durian being sold along the street.

Durian is a famous fruit known throughout S.E. Asia. It has been called “The King of Fruits” because it has a very overpowering presence, specifically from its odor.

Many think the odor is sweet and fragrant. Others think it’s overpowering, nauseating and repulsive. Due to durian’s strong odor, many public places, like hotels, airlines, and trains forbid them.



(Unique Fruit Found in Indonesia)

While going through the street market we noticed a very large fruit that Indonesians call “Jeruk Bali” (also known as Pomelo).  This fruit resembles a grapefruit. Out of curiosity we bought it and asked our neighbor to teach us how to peel and prepare it.


SNAKE FRUIT (Salak) comes from a type of palm tree native to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Snake Fruit grows in clusters at the base of the palm tree. The fruit is known as “snake fruit” due to its scaly skin. Inside, the fruit consists of three lobes, each containing a large inedible seed. The lobes resemble, and have the consistency of large peeled garlic cloves. The taste is usually sweet.


Dragon Fruit

Here is another fruit you most likely have never encountered in the United States. It is the “Dragon Fruit.”


Hairy Fruit

Rambutan (translated: hairy fruit) isn’t unknown in Asia, but in many other places of the world this fruit has never even been seen. We took some time to make a little video to educated our friends about this delicious fruit–enjoy!