Orang Kayo Pedataran

Jambi’s history has several notable figures. One was Orang Kayo Hitam, and legends reveal this man as having had three siblings. They are as follows:

  1. Orang Kayo Pingai (alt. spelling: Orang Kayo Pinang–1480)  He is said to have been the oldest of the siblings.
  2. Orang Kayo Pedataran (alt. spelling: Kedataran—1490)  He was said to have been a younger brother.
  3. Orang Kayo Gemuk (translated: Fat Rich Person) She was said to have been the only sister, and the youngest of the siblings.

This post is about the grave of Orang Kayo Pedataran.  Little to nothing was ever written or passed along orally about this man.