Pasar Angso Duo

Dock for Pasar Angso Duo

(Two Geese Traditional Market)

This dock is located on the west side of Pasar Angso Duo, along the bank of the Batanghari River. This view is from the east, looking west.

On the south side of the Batanghari River, in the City of Jambi, there’s a relatively new dock that we saw sitting idle (click here for its location). Being curious about that dock, since it looks like it was constructed very well, we began to ask about its purpose. Below is the information we obtained:



Pasar Angso Duo* (two geese market)

Sign in front of the traditional market called:
Pasar Angso Duo (Two Geese Market)

In Indonesia it’s common to see markets set up along the sides of roads. Merchants will set up small stalls from which to sell their fruit, vegetables, meats, or other products. Others will simply lay out a tarp at the edge of the road (and on the road) and place their goods to be sold on the tarp. The City of Jambi has several of these traditional markets, with the largest and most prominent being “Pasar Angso Duo.” This market is said to contain as many as 5,000 merchants.