The Last of the Jambi Sultans

Sultan Thaha

Sulatan Thaha Saifuddin (Syaifuddin–alt. spelling) is reputed as being the last of the sultans in the Jambi Province. There were three sultans after him, but those men have been denigrated by historians as they view them as being merely puppet rulers, appointed by the Dutch authorities. The list we made of Jambi sultans can be read by clicking this link.

Due to his resistance against Dutch colonialism, Sultan Thaha has been given the title as a national hero in Indonesia. The Jambi airport has been named in honor of Sultan Thaha, and a statue of him can be seen standing in front of the Governor’s offices in the City of Jambi. The location of the statue can be found with this link.

Our article about his grave can be read by clicking this link.