Name of the famous clock tower in the City of Jambi.

Name of the famous clock tower in the City of Jambi.

The below video shows the construction phases of the famous clock tower / bridge combination in the City of Jambi. The construction was started in July 2012 and was completed in Jan. of 2015. Read our previous article about the clock tower with this link, to obtain information on the origin and meaning of “Gentala Arasy.”

Indonesians are very proud of projects like this. It gives them a sense of development and a step up toward a more modern lifestyle.


Independence Monument

(Monumen Kemerdekaan)

Proklamasi Kemerdekaan (Proclamation of Independence)

In the City of Jambi, on the street Jl. R. Mattaher, directly in front of the building named “Gedung Balai Wanita,” there is a monument that was erected in memory of Indonesia’s independence from all foreign colonial authorities (specifically the Dutch).

The location of the monument can be found with this link.


National Youth Parade Park

(Taman Kirab Remaja Nasional)

Taman Kirab Remaja Nasional
(National Youth Parade Park)
This park is located at the center of the intersection known as Simpang Kawat.

Simpang Kawat is a prominent intersection in Jambi. In the center of this intersection is a small monument that was erected in remembrance of the National Youth Parades (Kirab Remaja Nasional) that were conducted in Jakarta from 1990 till 1996.

Below is information we found about those parades.


Tugu Pers (Press Monument)

The park now: Tugu Pers (Press Monument)

From July 2011 till February 2012, “Taman PKK Murni” underwent a major transformation. The transformation included, not merely a face lift, but an entire change of the park’s purpose.

Previously the park was used by PKK to promote safe driving habits. With the transformation, it’s now used as a monument to a free press, as well as working towards enhancing the professionalism of the press corps.

The location of this monument can be found by clicking this link.


Taman Simpang Pulai (Pulai Park Intersection), with the “Urban Mild” cigarette billboard in the background.

Taman Simpang Pulai (Pulai Park Intersection)

There is a small park located at a very busy intersection in the City of Jambi, which carries the name: Taman Simpang Pulai. During the 1970’s this park was a gas station. It’s location can be found by clicking this link.


Soldier at the Top of the Jambi War Monument

Taman Tugu Juang (War Monument Park)

A famous landmark in the City of Jambi is the War Monument Park. It’s location can be found by clicking this link.

This monument consists of a pillar that has a soldier standing on the top. He’s holding a sharpened bamboo pole, and has a knife in his belt.  This monument is a reminder of the struggle the Jambi Province (and all Indonesia) had in their effort to be freed from the long Dutch colonization, and Japanese occupation.

Below is a video we made of this monument.


Dancers from the Batin ethnic group carrying baskets containing sekapur sirih.

Tari Sekapur Sirih (Sekapur Sirih Dance)

In the Jambi Province, and in many other areas of Sumatra, there is a famous dance that is used to welcome honored guests into a village or city. The name of the dance is “Sekapur Sirih.” The dance is often accompanied by Pencat Silat fighters who ceremonially cleanse the area of evil spirits prior to the guests entry. After the dance the guests are offered a betel nut wrapped in a sirih leaf, which also has several other ingredients added to the package. It is considered an honor to be given one of these nuts to chew on.


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