Taman Hutan Bukit Sari also has another name, as reflected in the above sign located at the front of the park: “Kebun Raya Bukit Sari.”

Taman Hutan Bukit Sari

An interesting location to take a break, on a long 6 hour drive from the City of Jambi to the city of Muara Bungo, is the park Taman Hutan Bukit Sari. We also saw a sign calling this park Kebun Raya Bukit Sari.  (It’s not uncommon for locations in Indonesia to have multiple names, like one park in Bandung we found to have had no less that 10 names–very confusing to tourists!)

Taman Hutan Bukit Sari has no other attractions, other than the traveler’s ability to take a leisurely stroll and stretch your legs. This park has sidewalks which wind through the jungle along the edge of the main road. You could easily spend an hour there, as you enjoy the walk through the jungle on brick sidewalks (wear insect repellant—there are many mosquitoes).