Berhala Island

Jambi’s History is Intermingled with Myths

Most countries have fascinating stories of historical characters which have been amazingly embellished. The USA has the story of George Washington and him cutting down an apple tree. Though that story most probably isn’t true, it has little affect on the foundation and documented history of the USA. The Jambi Province, however, never having documented it’s history until the 1900’s, has many orally transmitted myths (folklore) that have formed its history.



Datuk Paduka Berhala Myths

A Legendary Figure Who Forms the Basis for Much of Jambi’s History

Headstone of
Datuk Paduka Berhala.
This stone indicates that his original name was
Ahmad Barus II.
The third line down says “Jambi King Years 1460-1907”
(that is 447 years)
The spelling on the stone is in the Jambi dialect.

Knowing there are many thousands of university students in the USA that deeply desire to learn about Jambi and Sumatran history, I decided to aid them by first learning the language(s), then writing many articles that could be used as a source of reference for their studies.


Pulau Berhala

To Which Province Does this Island Belong?

Upon arrival at Pulau Berhala, after walking down the boardwalk, you will pass under the above sign that says: “WELCOME, to PULAU BERHALA, in the SINGKEP regency, of the KEPULAUAN RIAU province.

Upon arrival at Pulau Berhala you will walk down a boardwalk, then pass under a portal that reads: “WELCOME, to PULAU BERHALA, in the SINGKEP regency, of the Kepulauan Riau Province (KEPRI). Just 100 feet further is a smaller blue monument, erected by the Jambi Province, which they installed to make their claim to the island. The small blue Jambi monument is no longer legible. We were told that the governor of the Kepulauan Riau Province had the Jambi monument defaced.


Pulau Berhala

Planning the Trip

The beach on the south side of Pulau Berhala. The 13 bungalows and 3 shelter buildings are located here.

Below is information for the planning and actual travel experiences we had for our trip to Pulau Berhala. Click these links to read our two previous posts about this island: Part 1 and Part 2.

  • There are 13 bungalows on the island that can be rented. Each has two bedrooms and a central open room. Each building is equipped with a squat toilet and bak bath. All nine (9) in our group shared the single building and one toilet.


Tourism at Pulau Berhala

Beach on the south side of Pulau Berhala.

Pulau Berhala is an island off the coast of Sumatra. We recently visited that island and spent several nights there. The island is a much talked about tourist location, though relatively few people go there. Below we listed information about the island, which we believe will aid people in deciding if they want to invest in such a trip. We would also advise people to read our previous post so you can be aware of the risks that will be taken if you decide to go (Berhala Island (Part 1).


Pulau Berhala

There are Risks Involved with Going There!

Beach on the west side of Pulau Berhala.

We recently returned from a trip to the island known as Pulau Berhala. We’ll write several more posts/articles about this trip in the coming weeks. Though the island is a much talked about tourist location, relatively few people go there.

This post is about the travel options to the island, and some of the difficulties we faced while going and coming from there.