Menara Jam Besar

Name of the famous clock tower in the City of Jambi.

Name of the famous clock tower in the City of Jambi.

The below video shows the construction phases of the famous clock tower / bridge combination in the City of Jambi. The construction was started in July 2012 and was completed in Jan. of 2015. Read our previous article about the clock tower with this link, to obtain information on the origin and meaning of “Gentala Arasy.”

Indonesians are very proud of projects like this. It gives them a sense of development and a step up toward a more modern lifestyle.


Menara Gentala Arasy

North entrance doors to the Large Clock Tower--now known as "Menara Gentala Arasy."

North entrance doors to the Large Clock Tower–now known as “Menara Gentala Arasy.”

The new clock tower being built on the north bank of the Batanghari River, in the City of Jambi, has recently had a name installed above the front and back entrance. We understood the official name of the tower was to be Menara Jam Besar Kota Jambi. Evidently that information was incorrect, because the name placed on the structure is: Menara Gentala Arasy.Clock Tower We were told that this name has a couple different meanings. Below is the information we derived from Pak Ajak (owner of a warung just to the north of the tower), which information was confirmed by the Assistant Head of the Balai Adat—Mr. (Bp.) Herman Basir.


Large Clock Tower in the City of Jambi

(Menara Jam Besar Kota Jambi. “Jam Besak”)

Large Clock Tower
Menara Jam Besar Kota Jambi (Jam Besak)

The City of Jambi is currently constructing a large clock tower on the north side of the Batanghari River (Sebarang Kota Jambi — “Sekoja”).

The tower is expected to become a landmark for the city, seeing that a museum will be on the ground floor of the tower. The second phase of this project will be a hanging footbridge that will extend from the tower, and over across the river to Tanggo Rajo, also known as Ancol.

Since Indonesians have a fascination with bridges, and often use bridges as community social centers, this area of the city will be extremely congested on Friday – Sunday nights.