50′ Fish Trap

While visiting a village along the Tabir River, we noticed a construction in the middle of the river. The local people told us it was a sukam, a large fish trap. Evidently the fish swimming downstream will enter this trap.


This is the same picture as the one above.

Sukam [Picture taken April 5, 2013]
Large fish trap in the middle of the Tabir River
Merangin Regency of the Jambi Province



Ayam Kampung

(Village Chickens)

The Lean Ayam Kampung.(Neighborhood Chicken)

The Lean Ayam Kampung
(Neighborhood Chicken)

Free Roaming Chickens

Yes, there are chickens that roam around the neighborhood where we live, well within the city limits of Jambi. There are no restrictions on raising chickens this way, and people with yard space, or those who live close to small gardens, often raise chickens, geese, ducks, goats, cows, and even water buffalo, in the very same way; they roam about freely.


Raising Chickens in Jambi


328 Foot Long Chicken Coop

During a recent journey around the Jambi Province we happened upon a chicken farm close to the Village of Bajubang Darat. This farm is managed by Pak (Mr.) Abdul Rahmat and his wife Ibu (Mrs.) Wati.



This is a picture of the largest centipede we’ve ever seen. It was a little over 8″ long.

Here in Indonesia they are called kaki seribu (1,000 feet). From the picture we took, we estimate it to have around 300 feet. Wikipedia says the number of feet they have averages from 20 to over 300 feet, depending on the type of centipede.

Same centipede as in the picture on the left. When touched with a stick, they roll up.

Same centipede as in the picture on the left. When touched with a stick they roll up.

Picture Taken March 23, 2013Centipede found along the bank of the Tabir River in the Merangin Regency of the Jambi Province, Indonesia.

Picture Taken March 23, 2013
Centipede found along the bank of the Tabir River in the Merangin Regency of the Jambi Province, Indonesia.

Glimpse of Scenery and People

Below are some pictures we took and a video we made of

the scenery and people that can be seen on the eastern side of the mountain range in the western portion of the

Jambi Province of Indonesia.

Water buffalo grazing in front of an irrigation water wheel (kincir air).


This is our translation of a legend from the Jambi Province.


Kota Jayo is a village located in the Tanah Tumbuh Kecamatan (county) of the Murara Bungo Kabupaten (region) of the Jambi Province.  This is one legend from that village, and though it’s quite interesting, its origin is uncertain, because the people in that village have never heard of it.

You can read the 53 (or more) Jambi legends that we’ve translated by clicking this link.


Member of the JBD Squad in Muara Bungo

Member of the JBD Squad in Muara Bungo.

JBD Squad

(Jasa Bunda Dance Squad)

During a recent visit to Muara Bungo we spent a leisurely evening at a local park named Taman Pusparagam. The park was previously a soccer field, and at that time it was called Taman Semagor. Though the park is no longer a soccer field, and the name was changed, most of the people in the city still refer to the park by its former name—Taman Semagor.

The park has four rock climbing walls, one huge inflatable attraction for children, as well as a small train. Surrounding the park are numerous food vendors which sell a wide assortment of traditional Indonesian food.

Break Dancing